Our Current Staff Includes:

Hosts (Dance & Internet): Heather, AnnMarie, Soupy, and Ash

AV/Setup/Security: John and Leroy

Our DJ Crew: DJ TonyD and DJ Win

In 1997 the idea for Heavenly Bodies was born in a tacky little bar in downtown Worcester. The goal was to run fun, nice events where people could come and have fun in a nonjudgmental atmosphere.

Heather Boyle, and a team of eager helpers, started the dances in April of 1997. About 70 people came out to join us, to see what we were all about and to take a chance on a new gathering. We were thrilled to see every face that came through, just as we are now with even bigger crowds.

In the 10+ years that have passed since then, our events have grown beyond what we had ever anticipated and they continue to grow, not only in attendance, but in reputation for quality. Our Saturday night events have grown to crowds averaging 150-200 on regular party nights, and our weekend-long events even more (300+) and have brought people from all over the country and the world - and they return time and time again.

Our goal now, as always, is to provide a safe, comfortable atmosphere for large women and men, their admirers and friends to gather and be themselves. Thank you to all who have joined us over the past years, you are part of making our events the success they are. 

For those thinking of joining us, please do... you never know what you might be missing!

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 Frequently Asked Questions - Helpful Info For New Attendees

If you think we missed a question and it should be added, please email us at parties@superbbw.com.


What are these events anyway?

Heavenly Bodies events are social gatherings that bring together people of size and their friends and admirers. BORING! What does that really mean? It means that if you're a big girl, big guy, guy/girl who digs big chicks, girl/guy who digs big guys, a couple with a big partner (or two!), friends with a big girl or guy, etc., then you can come and hang out and have a good time with us. Our goal is to have a comfortable, casual atmosphere for people to hang out, and mingle.


Why do you have them?

We have these dances because, unfortunately, we do not yet live in a society were bigger people always feel comfortable going to regular bars and clubs to dance, laugh and flirt. They sometimes feel as though they are the only larger person around, and that they may be out of place. We don't believe this is always the case, but we strive to provide a safe, fun place where people can come and dress up a bit (maybe a short skirt, rather than down to your ankles? :), and dance like no one is watching. We encourage your own spirit to grow, and we hope that having a safe place to explore that side of you helps.


Can only big people go to these?

NO! Our events are NOT size exclusive. Most of the girls who attend our dances are big, but we get some "smaller" girls who tag along with friends for support, and they have a great time! We get men of all shapes and sizes. In fact, we often get asked by "slender" guys if they will be out of place ("Is it weird that I'm a thinner guy and I like big girls?") Not at all!! We get all walks of life, and the majority of men who come are not what you'd call "big" guys. If you are supportive of our purpose, then you are welcome to attend. Any race, gender or sexual orientation is welcome to join us as well - if you're friendly and respectful, we'll welcome you with open arms.


Who can go to these? Is there a membership or something?

Anyone may attend our dances who is over 18 years old. There is no membership, there is no secret handshake, RSVP, or special invite. If you want to come, come!


What does it cost?

Our regular event admission is $15. If it is your first-ever Heavenly Bodies event, just let us know at the door when you come in, and your admission will be only $10. We do run specials via email, so watch them carefully!! Special events, such as weekend-long events, etc. will have special pricing which will be listed on the website or in emails. Generally, dances held during weekend-long and/or special events are $20.


How many people attend these events?

Our events range in size, depending on time of year, location, weather, etc. Our average attendance is now just under 200 people for regular events (low end about 160, high end is about 220). Our special weekend-long events have Saturday night dances that have drawn well over 300 people.


What is the age range of people who go to these events?

Our guests range in age. We welcome anyone 18 or over to most events (some locations directly inside a bar may vary). You MUST be 21 or over to drink alcohol. Our average crowd is from early 20s to late 30s, with quite a substantial amount between 23-38. But, we do have many guests that are well into their 40s, 50s, and beyond... everyone and anyone with a good attitude and friendly smile is welcome to join us!


Is it all single people?

No, it's not. Although the majority of our crowd is single people, we have many couples as well. Some met at our events, others have been together, but wanted a welcoming, non-judgmental place to go out and have a nice time together.


What is the atmosphere like at these events?

It's a fun, casual, welcoming atmosphere. The events themselves have a different look and feel depending on where they are held. Our events in hotels are in ballrooms, with a large dance floor, DJ, and 2 walk up bars. The tables are mixed, usually rounds that sit 8, mixed with cocktail size tables that will seat 4. Our event at Maxine's in Worcester is a nightclub atmosphere. There are high-ceilings with brick walls, huge windows, a large, sit-down bar, several different seating areas with comfy chairs and loveseats (even one that is far from the dance floor, so it's a bit more conducive to conversation).


What is the ratio of men to women?

The ratio of men to women changes event to event. But overall we get about 2-3 women to every guy. Now many women read this and think "WHAT???", but in size-related events... this is a GREAT ratio. Take it from girls who've been to events all over the country that sometimes are as much as 25 or more women to one man (this is NOT an exaggeration). Now, for guys... what can I say - 2 or 3 to one - Uh, what are you waiting for??


How should I dress?

This is a question we get quite often, and there is really no good answer other than, be yourself and be comfortable. We have people who dress in everything from jeans and t-shirts to dressy evening gowns. We have no dress code, but do ask that you not wear anything that will be overly revealing (meaning, please don't go braless while wearing a see-through lace shirt. :). If you are comfortable, you will put your best face forward and have a good time. Sometimes people come who are a bit shocked to see girls in short skirts and little tops. Don't be. These events promote a kind of self-acceptance that isn't found in many other places, strut your stuff if you feel comfortable doing so! If you don't, that's fine as well... we are not all going to like the same styles, clothes etc. We're all there to have a good time and live it up a little... enjoy!


Is it going to be weird if I come alone?

Not at all! People come alone all the time, it's just a fact. Men often come alone, and it's not a big deal. It's sort of expected that you might not have a guy friend who's into bigger girls, or that can come with you, etc. Don't worry about it! Women will often come with a couple of friends, but many come alone the first time. It's natural to be a bit nervous, and we completely understand.


How do I meet people in advance?

One way to avoid coming alone is trying to meet up with some other party-goers before you attend. Our only community at http://www.bbwdistrict.com  and our facebook page a GREAT ways to do that. You can post a message, chat with other people who attend and maybe even set up a way to meet somewhere before you head into the dance. Some people find it less intimidating to go with with a friendly face. Just say hello on the boards, you'll be surprised who will extend a friendly hand to help you out. :) **pokes the regulars to extend their friendly hands!**


What is the smoking policy?

The smoking laws in Massachusetts mean that all smoking indoors is prohibited. Each location provides an outside area for those wishing to smoke during the events.


I don't really dance, should I even bother coming?

Of course you should come!!!! We have guests who never hit the dance floor, it's not a requirement. The events are sometimes called dances, but that's just an aspect of them. Many people just chat, hang out, have a few drinks and laughs. It's just a social atmosphere, so dancing is completely optional... but it's always fun to watch. :)


What is the music like?

Our DJs play lots of different things. Anytime you get such a large group of people together, it's hard to please them all, especially with music. Sets include hip-hop/Top 40, a little rock, rarely country, slow songs, oldies, techno sets, etc. They take requests as well, so if there is something you want to hear, just go up (early!) and ask. If they have the song and the time to get it in a set, he'll play it - it's that easy!


Are there after-hours parties?

Heavenly Bodies does not hold any organized after-hours parties unless it is a pool party, or a hospitality gathering (which we include sometimes during our weekend-long events). If there are after-hours parties among our guests, that is something completely unrelated to Heavenly Bodies and would just be a gathering among friends.


Okay, what are these weekend-long events you've mentioned??

Ahh, figured you'd ask that. Well, about twice a year we run extended events that fall over long weekends, Memorial Day and Labor Day being our usual dates. On these weekends, we have events that span from Saturday to Monday morning, and usually include 2 dances, special lunch events/games (which are LOVED by all!), and a farewell breakfast gathering on Monday morning. There are also usually pool parties, hospitality suites, etc. These events sometimes require pre-registration (for food events), and many times you will save cash if you pre-register... so make sure you check it out! We have a great time, and if you want to get a full experience, these can be a great way to do so. People have traveled from all over the US, Canada and Europe to attend our events in the past.


You have pool parties? What is that about?

Some of our locations have pools, and when it's possible, we schedule after-hours private pool parties to follow our events. They are generally from 1am to 2:30, and cost $5-$10. We often run specials, however, so they may be free... watch emails! We expect that anyone swimming will be wearing proper swim attire. You are NOT allowed to swim naked. If you do not have a suit, and would like to swim in a make-shift outfit, that's fine. It may not be anything that will be see-through when wet. If you are swimming in underwear, it must be full coverage (girls, this means no g-strings, etc). We have an obligation to our hotels to maintain a level of decency in their public areas, and we will do that. Anyone who behaves or dresses inappropriately will be asked to change, or leave.


How is the parking and accessibility?

All of our events have parking available**, and are in accessible locations. If you have specific concerns regarding either issue, please feel free to contact parties@superbbw.com so we can address your concerns prior to the event.


What are hotel room blocks?

When we have events, we try to reserve a group of rooms in the hotel (or very close by) at a discounted rate for our guests. We have many people who travel from distances, or like to have a few drinks and be responsible by staying overnight at the hotel. Our goal is to try to get you a lower rate so that these options are more attractive should you need them. We also have people who come and bunk-up four to a room. It works out cheaper for all, and they can make a mini-weekend of it.


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